The Texel feeling imagined - Texel artist Angelina Stiehl

Welcome to the virtual art shop of the allround artist Angelina Stiehl. She was born and raised on the island and makes people happy with her art.

With the island passion in her blood she translates the beauty of it to various art forms such as Steel Art, paintings, wall paintings, photographs and other art objects ...such as the artwork with 7 flying Spoonbills VRIJHEID (FREEDOM) in the Roggesloot at De Cocksdorp Texel.

Over the years she has developed a unique style that is appreciated by many people. The many art gallery visitors are very excited about her work. They leave with a beautiful work of art or order a special painting or other art-work in the way they wish.

Topics in her paintings, photos and art objects are, among other things, the beach, beach entrances, the Northsea, the Waddensea, sand, dunes, birds, De Slufter and also the intriguing fire red coloured Texel Lighthouse. For inspiration, she is often in nature and likes to swim in the sea around the island.

The art of Angelina is unique, of high quality and made with heart and soul on the island Texel.

Who have already art of Angelina Stiehl? Portraits of people who possess a painting by Angelina Stiehl.

Do you want an original Texel art work at home? Here is more information about the paintings of Angelina Stiehl

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