Texel artist Angelina van der Vliet, born on the island of Texel

unique, high-quality and made with heart and soul on the island of Texel

Artist Angelina van der Vliet (1974) was born, raised and lives on Texel.

With the passion of the island of Texel in her blood, she translates its beauty into various art forms such as painting, photography and other visual arts, including beautiful works of steel.

Over the years she has developed a unique style that is appreciated by many people. Her use of color, lines and surface distribution are characteristic of her work. Angelina uses a color of blue in her work which is popularly called Angelina Blue. She also uses materials in her work to emphasize the natural effects such as the lighting of the sea and the Northern Lights even more strongly.

The many studio visitors from home and abroad are very enthusiastic about her work. They leave the studio with a beautiful art object or have a painting, photo or other work of art made entirely to their liking.

Her art flies all over the world and can be found next to Europe in the United States, Africa and India.

Inspiration comes from and through the island of Texel with all its beauty. To find inspiration, she can often be found in nature and likes to take a dip in the sea around the island. She also makes works that draw inspiration from traveling within and outside Europe.

In short, an artwork by Angelina is unique, of high quality and made with heart and soul on the island of Texel.


Angelina exhibits all year round in her own studio and regularly also at other locations.

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