Paintings and pictures. Texel Artist Angelina van der Vliet - Stiehl

Artist Angelina van der Vliet - Stiehl was born and raised on Texel. She works as a full-time artist at her Atelier Galerie Texel Kunst on her beautiful inspiring island.

Her Paintings and Artworks of Metal are particularly appreciated because of the beautiful colors and the calm, yet exciting appearance. The blue that Angelina uses in her paintings is also called the Angelina Blue. That's how recognizable her style is.

In addition to the sale to Texel residents and Texel guests, people regularly come to Texel for a day to select a painting or other work from her or to place an assignment. In addition to private individuals, companies such as TomTom, Heineken, RTL Nederland, SBS6, Vogelbescherming and the KNZB also know where to find Angelina. Here is a selection from the Reviews

Angelina is constantly inventing new styles and implementing ideas on Texel. As a result, she works daily in her cozy studio. Here she also exhibits and sells her works.

You can also order the paintings (and other art forms) online or have them made to your liking.